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Overbrook High School Music Theory I+II Rules


Students in the Music Theory I course will have an in depth study of the structure of music. The students will also create their own music.


Be on time for class.
Have all assigned homework.
Bring a pencil and your Music Theory Notebook!
You will be expected to keep a notebook.
Make sure you have your assigned book.

Without the items listed above the student's preparedness grade of 50 points will be affected.


Each student is responsible for obtaining a three ringed binder for Theory class. All notes and homework will be placed in the folder and will remain there intil the end of the marking period. Organization of the folder is worth 100 points and will bechecked at the end of each marking period. There will be two random folder checks worth 20 points each during the marking period. This is a great way to study for all tests.


At the end of each unit there will be a 100-point evaluation. The evaluation will be a test, research paper or oral presentation. The students will be given plenty of notice and detailed instructions. Students may be subjected to a pop quiz during the marking period.

Final Project:

During the fourth marking period a final project will be announced along with the guidelines. The final project will be worth three test grades.


Students will have occasional homework assignments. Homework is to be completed before class begins. Failure to complete homework assignments will result in a loss of points. All homework assignments are worth 20 points each.


There will be a participation grade worth 50 points at the end of each marking period, which will be graded by the teacher. This will be determined by the student's involvement in class discussions, group activities, attendance, and behavior.


Everything will be based on a point system. Every Marking period there will be a certain amount of points in which the students can obtain. It will be graded upon the following:

Preparedness= 50 points
Notebooks= 100 points
Notebook Checks= 2x20 points
Testing= 100 points per unit
Homework = 20 points each
Participation= 50 points


Any student entering the room after class begins must have an official pass from the office or sending teacher. A student who fails to have a pass will recieve a teacher detention. The third offense will result in administrative referral.


Each student is expected to attends every class. Frequent absences will result in a reduction of the student's participation grade. If there is a problem which is preventing the student from attending class, the student's legal guardian myst notify the teacher or the school..When an absence takes place it is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher for missed assignments before the next class meeting.

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