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What do I need to bring?

Mandatory Items:

Your Instrument
Drill Book (music/drill included)
Set Book (mandatory, do not come to practice without this)
Water Bottle/Cooler
Pencils (sharpened, with erasers)
T-shirt (light colored)
Shorts (comfortable, board shorts are ok, NO JEANS OR LONG PANTS)
Socks and Tennis Shoes (NO SANDALS, FLIP-FLOPS, or other shoes inappropriate for marching on the FIELD)
Sunglasses AND Hat
Sunscreen (lots)
Bug Spray (optional, but can be a life saver)

Why do I need all of these things?

Sunscreen: Sunburn is a given at band camp. Even if you never wear sunscreen, you need it at band camp because you will get tan, and possibly burnt.

Breakfast: We have seen far too many freshmen get sick and have to sit out the first day of band camp because they did not eat breakfast. You must eat breakfast during camp. It will not sit like a lump in your stomach or make you feel sick while you are marching.

Water: This one is obvious. You probably will sweat a lot at band camp. If you are not soaked by 10:15 each morning, see a doctor soon, because you are very sick. During breaks, you will need to fill up with water. Important note: Do not bring water bottles filled with carbonated sodas or sugar drinks (kool-aid, juicy juice), it will just make things worse. Water is best, but sports drinks are acceptable too.

Clothes: Wear shorts every day to band camp. There's no big explanation. It's just going to be hot, SO take care of yourself!

Chapstick with SPF: You may not think you will, but you will use this!

Sunglasses: These definitely keep the UV light from your eyes and make the glare bearable, since you have to look up, sometimes into the sun.

Hat: It will keep the sun out of your eyes and face (Helps you avoid "Raccoon Eyes" from sunglasses)

Lunch: Lunch will not be provided - Try to avoid drinking alot of milk! (BREAKFAST, LUNCH OR DINNER) Your stomach will appreciate this on a hot day.

Drill Book and Dot Page Your drill book is used to hold all of your warm-ups, music, and drill. Make sure you have pencil accessible to make corrections in your music and to mark your position on your drill. Your dot sheet contains all of your dots. Both are required at every rehearsal!

What should I expect?

Expect to work, and work really hard. Expect a suntan or sunburn, with tan lines from your shirt and socks.

Expect the unexpected - every previous year's band camp holds several stories. Find an upperclassman for details.

But, also expect to learn the majority of this year's show and expect to be proud of the hard work you will put into making the OHS Rams one of the best bands around! There is nothing to fear about the camp experience.

Returning members look forward to camp as one of the highlights of their summer. The staff and upper classmen work hard to provide a nurturing environment for first time members of the marching band.

the main things to remember ARE:

Respect the directors and staff.
Eat breakfast EVERY DAY.
Wear shorts and tennis shoes.
Be Quiet and Listen to what you are being told.
Wear sunscreen, sunglasses AND A HAT.
Get to know people. Freshman, go out of your way to meet upperclassmen, it'll be worth it. Upperclassmen, freshmen are people too, treat them like your little buddies.

Band camp is hard work! but you will find that there is something really cool about working hard, and then seeing the result of that hard work. Then being really proud of it.

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