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Rules and Regulations

In order to maintain membership in the Overbrook High School Marching Rams, each member must comply with the following rules and regulations.

All school rules and regulations apply at all functions of the Band.

Arriving and Departure from Band Functions

Members are asked to report at the designated reporting time

Members are not permitted to use private transportation to and from an out of town activity, unless administrative approval is given

Performance Rules and Procedures

Non-band members are not permitted to sit with the band during activities.

No food or personal belongings are permitted in the stands unless authorized by the director

Personal apparel will not be worn in the stands unless permission is given by the director.

Public displays of affection are not permitted.

Radios are permitted on the bus only.

At football games, all members will be given a break during the third quarter. Members are required to be back in the stands before the fourth quarter. Failure to do so will result in diciplinary action by Mr. Height.

Leaving the assigned peformance area without permission is NOT permitted. Therefore, students with Mr. Height's permission will either travel with a chaperone or an assigned group.

Gum chewing, alocoholic beverages, and narcotics substances are not permitted!

Inappropriate language and unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated.

It is the members responsibility to have a pencil, music, folders, and other necessary equipment for rehearsals and performances.

Leave valuables and equipment in the music room at your own risk.

The Pine Hill Board of Education is not responsible for stolen material.

Band members are responsible for all work missed.

All material, equipment, instruments, and music must be returned to their proper storage area.

It is the members job to notify the staff of damaged equipment as soon as a problem is noticed.

Check your equipment periodically.

All members must complete proper release forms and permission slips to remain in band.


Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is very important for every band member. Illness, death in the family and approved religious holidays will be excused. Students are reminded not to schedule family engagements that will conflict with our schedule. All other conflichs must be approved by the director before they are considered to be excused. Please be advised that parties, work, rock concerts, and sporting events will be considred unexcused.

All absences must be verified with a note from your parents. This should be done prior to the missed activity, when possible.

If you miss the rehearsal before a performance (Wednesday evenings), you may not perform that weekend. This is left to the decision of the director.

An unexcused absence from a performance will result in loss of solo or leadership position. Three unexcused absences will result in a removal from the ensemble.

Students who work- A copy of your schedule should be provided by your employer in order to avoid conflicts. Students will not be excused from any performance for work. In an emergency, students may be excused from only one rehearsal to accommodate a work conflict provided the director is aware of this in advance.

Your attendance record will be reviewed when being considered for awards, promotions within the band, recommendations by the director, and scholarships. In cases of emergency, the director can be contacted by dialing directily into the band office (856-767-8000 x3043) In addition, the section leader should be notified as well.

Students should not that performances include football games, competitions/festivals and community and civic appearances.

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